The idea was initiated to support various levels of businesses and individuals. Play role as the “Web Care Taker” for the NEEDY rather than merely being as Web Designer. Manages the tasks assigned for their Business Development by emphasizing on Project Management approach. Strategizing businesses and doing business turnaround on current company operations using Web Technology is our forte.

Key area on WEB: Consultancy, Evaluation, Strategizing, Enhancement, Training and Solutions Provides support in many areas of Business and Web Technology akin. Focusing on Business Development using Web Technology. It is a combination of various portfolios and associates from different industries.

Information optimization to improvise the marketplace value of a domain and website.

With a small team of associates from various fields forms a deliverable journey incorporating value added services for many Small Medium Enterprises (SME), Corporate Businesses, Individuals and NGOs.

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Our Business Focus

  • Strategizing Business Using Web Technologykevista-contact-us-business-plan-strategizing

Our Business Orientation

  • Adopting Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Corporate Colour : Blue
  • Tagline : “Believe in Thinking”
  • Project Team Members From Various Expertise

Associate Business Team Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing & Business Developmentweb-business-success-sales-products-intellectual-services-4
  • Finance & Investment
  • Human Resource & Training
  • Legal & Advisory
  • Production & Quality Control

Associate Web Team Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Electronic Business & Online Sales
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Web Communication & Public Relations
  • Creative Design & Photography
  • Multimedia Animation
  • Internet Marketing