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Anyone can create a Website. It is important to find out the author’s identity and his or her qualifications or expertise in order to determine the credibility and reliability of the information. The information you find on a Website does not necessarily pass through the hands of editors, fact-checkers, or reviewers, so it’s up to you to determine the value of the site’s content and presentation.

Design, organization and ease of use are important considerations. Websites can provide useful sources of information; but if they are slow to load and/or difficult to navigate, search or read, then their contribution or usefulness will be diminished. 

The User Context: The most important factor when evaluating Web sites is your search, your needs. What are you using the Web for? Entertainment? Academic work? Hobbies or avocational interests? Scholarly sources are traditionally very strongly text-based. The Web Context: Some of the visual distinctions that signal the nature of content in print sources hold true on the Web as well, although, because the Web encourages wider use of graphics, Web versions of printed works usually contain more graphics and more color than their print counterparts. 

Web Content Management ROI Measurement.

With the right ROI measuring approach, this can help fundamentally reshape a company’s online presence with benefits across the full range of business operations including sales, marketing and customer support. Web content management systems have the capacity to significantly improve customer engagement and satisfaction and deliver substantial financial returns.

Evaluating Website Performance on Online-Based Selling from a Business Value Perspective is MUST to be Evaluated for a Better Business Development. Many current evaluative approaches for the performance of e-commerce Websites fail to adequately address senior manager concerns about the Returns on Investment (ROI) of corporate efforts to develop and deploy software applications that support Web-based selling.

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